Finding Your Inspiration: Stay Motivated

Does your to-do list ever turn into never-getting-done list? Do you find it happening more often than it should? I’ll be honest, I can be pretty bad at procrastinating myself. At times I like to make myself believe that it is a good thing because it turns out that I have done some of my best work under pressure. Other–and most– times, I end up hating myself for having waited until the last minute. And then I wonder why I get so stressed…

Nonetheless, summertime is here. Yes, the time we have all been waiting for is HERE! The weather is beautiful and warm (or in my case- extremely hot), outdoor activities are tempting, concerts can be found left and right, there is endless time to catch up on your TV shows, bestselling novels, and even old friends.

“Make an appointment with your creativity. We can’t wait for creativity to strike us like lightning. We have to build it into our lives as a discipline.” -Alejandro Fogel

In an attempt to help you stay stress-free and productive all summer, I have put together the top two tips on how to find your inspiration, follow through with it, and get things done.

Make a list. Get yourself a piece of paper, your favorite pen, a warm or iced cup of coffee/green tea, a comfy chair or couch, relax and turn on your favorite tunes. Alriiight, so maybe all you really need is a paper and pen… Anything else is merely a personal suggestion. But however you prefer to do it, write down absolutely everything that comes to your mind. Think of people who inspire you, people who currently have your dream job, people who you look up to, people who have changed your life in the past for better or worse, and write away. By jotting it all down, whether it be detailed or brief, this simple exercise will help your mind and ideas flow.

Take a break. Do not force your mind, allow it to come naturally. Go running, go to the movies, go to dinner, or go for a swim. You’d be surprised to find what really kick starts your brain. Leave your daily schedule and do something a little -or completely- different than you normally would. Whether it is simply striking a conversation with someone you typically wouldn’t or taking a different road home from work. Just try it! There’s a good chance that inspiration will come to you when you’re least looking for it. For example, despite the fact that my roommate and BFF hates absolutely anything involving exercise, new writing ideas for sketches come to her if she goes for a run. It’s quite funny actually. 

Follow through. After you get done writing your heart out and living life, remember to come back to your list and actually scratch some items off. What’s the point of all this if your time and effort will just be wasted? Stay positive and motivated. Even if it means going back and re-writing a new list. Just make sure you are really following through! Below I have included one of my all time favorite Pins on how to stay creative. A few things that I have already noted overlap with some of the ones in the picture.

So whatever it is that ends up on your list this summer, may the Getting-Everything-Done Gods be in your favor. As for me, enjoying quality family and puppy time is on the top of my personal summer to-do list. Picture it bolded and in my best handwriting. Have I been following through with my number one priority? You bet! I’ve been enjoying every single minute of it.

What things do you do to stay motivated?

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